Since I discovered a super easy way to make cute wall hangings using a diy weaving loom I've been filling my work room walls with them, it's also a good way to use some scrap yarn as well as little branches I've picked up while hiking. I thought it was nice to share here the way I made my loom and here it is (so easy I am ashamed): 

♡wooden frame (I used a brand new canvas frame so there's still the plastic around it)
some pushpins
yard (or twine)
♡scotch tape
a small branch

Flip the frame over and pin the pushpins on the smaller wooden sides at equal distance (if you want your loom to be bulletproof you can use some nails and a hammer), then wrap the yarn (you can also use twine) around the first pin and make a couple of tight knots. Pull the yarn around the first pin of the opposite row of pins, and then again up and around the second pin of the other row and so on until the last pin (it's really easier done than said). Knot the yarn tight to the last pin and... take a moment to admire your work, you made yourself a loom! 
Now grab some cute yarn and you can start your weave by knotting one end of it on the loom yarn at at least 1 inch far from the pins. Wrap the other end with scotch tape to make it easier to go through the loom. Go over and under the loop yarn to create a beautiful simple weave, of course you can create a million different patterns and designs, even using different colors/materials.
When your work is complete you can simply pull gently the loops out of the pins or just remove the pins. 
To hang my work I just slipped a branch through all the loops of one side and hang it with some more yarn and a nail. On the lower end of it I cut open the loops and knotted them.

These are two of my hangings using different sized looms: