☼ ☽ ☾ ☿ ♀Faces from Tarots Brooches ♁ ♂ ♃ ♄ ♅ ♇

☼ ☽ Hello there! ☾ ☿

I made a set of 6 Mini Hoop brooches with embroideries inspired by Tarot decks artworks. I love the way astral bodies are depicted in these cards, as well as in vintage artworks, with human features and mild smiles. I wanted to make my own version of this through embroidery and took this chance to practice some face embroidery, which I don't normally do. It was super fun and interesting, hope you like the result:

 You can find the listing here!
Enjoy!☼ ☽ ☾ ☿ ♀

✧☆✧☆Existing is exhausting Sailor Moon embroidery☆✧☆✧

✧☆Hello there!☆✧☆✧

✧☆Can you believe I finally made it through this embroidery!? I'm so happy with it and need to share every pic of it from every possible angle. (Embroidery available here!)

It started all with a meme frame of Sailor Moon:

✧☆I traced the design on thin fabric (but I advice using thicker cotton) and went on the outlines first with backstitch, then filled up Usagi's clothing and hair:

✧☆Then moved on the huge lilac blanket. Basically the whole piece is a combination of chain, satin, long-short stitches, the effects of the same stitch vary if you use a different number or threads. For example on the blanket I used two strands of DMC to get a fuller look.
✧☆ Then added all the details in the bookshelf, as well as the tiniest little heart I've ever embroidered:

It was a fun journey, I loved every part of making it!✧☆ 

☆✧☆✧ Enjoy!☆✧☆✧

🌸Rather be Home patch🌸

🌸Hello There! So summer is almost over and the coziest season of all is getting closer, but no matter the season I'm an homebody all year round! Friends, stop hiding and celebrate your pride with me! And with this patch: 🌸Pretty GIF skills over there...

 🌸Enjoy and check it out on my shop! ....

Black Glitter Fish Patch

Hello and this fish theme is becoming an obsession, I know!

Here's my latest production, tried a fish with a black background and using the famous glitter plastic that I love so much. Wanted to really give the feel of a transparent body and so I embroidered the fishbone and skipped the scales. I think that glitter touch is amazing under the sun!


Sparkly Dreamy Fish Patch!


Went for a stroll the other day with my love and we found a bait by the lake, some fisherman lost it and we picked it up. I took apart the shiny material that attracts fish underwater and decided to make a fish patch featuring it! This material gives the idea of fish scales and shows magic colours under the sun!

 Check it out on the shop!

Keeping up with the doilies!

Heeeey♡ Here's an update on my latest works, two thrifted, upcycled, hand embroidered doilies:

Strawberry Squirrel Doily is showing a heart-cheeked Squirrel, holding a big juicy strawberry and surrounded by strawberry flowers and leaves.

To make this piece I was inspired by my own plant of strawberry who is still alive after a very a cold and snowy winter.
Circled A with Roses Doily is the first doily I made and decided to experiment with something traditional, which is not exactly my style. It's fun to try out something new!

Never did something with this colour scheme before. But it actually matched our red furniture and that was fun. Don't worry though: I haven't abandoned my usual pink, there's a pink thread interwining on the A's circle :)