Arise Unicorn Patch

Hello there and welcome to a new patch!  I went through my sketchbook and pulled out this little design, always wanted to make a unicorn but never tried. I was afraid of my style being too cartoonish for the delicate features... went on and did it anyway!
 Of course I added a ribbon and a saying! This time Amebix came to help me. For her hair I wanted to give the curls a retro-groovy appeareance, kind of an 80s Barbie artwork, something like this:
 I used some pearlescent thread through the forehead, the cheekbones and the hair, unfortunately it doesn't traslate well on pictures...  That's why I made a little video, to see how the patch looks in movement:

The Very Famous ''Nazi Scum'' Cutiepie Patch

Hello there!

This time I'm back with a very cute yet controversial patch:
 ..That is CLEARLY an Anti-Nazi bunny right?
 How can somebody mistake a lovely rabbit holding a banner that says ''NAZI SCUM'' for a nazibunny itself? Well, internet I guess... Anyway! Luckily most of the people got the message right and that's all there is to it. I think it's a pretty well done patch and... it JINGLES! Yes, you heard me. I sewed a teeny-tiny metal bell on the rabbit's collar and it makes a lovely fairy sound when moved <3


Kiss My Ass Backpatch

Hello there and welcome to a new embroidery of mine (that I forgot to post before)!

I guess it's necessary to be unapologetic sometimes, and let the world know that you don't owe anybody anything. With this spirit I realized this backpatch. Trying to convey rudeness through cuteness, as always. This this I really went down with the satin stitch technique and turned a drawing into a cute full blooming bouquet, with a retro feeling in both the design and the lettering (which is made with a vintage DMC thread I found in a thrift shop of my hometown)

Sometimes I think that a work like that could be easily (and quickly) done by a machine, I'd like to try it one day but, to be honest, I would find so many errors that would drive me insane... My work is very far perfection but it's as precise as I can be, a machine work wouldn't represent myself like one embroidery I've held in my hands and stared for several hours.
Look at how awesome the patch looks MODELED!…

🎀Bow To No One Patches🎀


💗Here's a series of patches I made to celebrate a little Self-Love. To celebrate the liberating moment you realize you don't owe anybody anything. The instant when you stop submitting to selfish people and start, instead, having reverence to yourself. That's where you can experience true love, a love that can only multiply and spread to others.

🎀Of course I added a bow, dind't I? Find these patches on my shop


♥ ❤Mini Hearts Galore!❤ ♥

♥ ❤ Hello There!❤♥   Here's a new set of Heart-shaped mini patches, looks like I'm having a kick for mini things lately... Anyway enjoy this tiny babes, shop them individually here!

☼ ☽ ☾ ☿ ♀Faces from Tarots Brooches ♁ ♂ ♃ ♄ ♅ ♇

☼ ☽ Hello there! ☾ ☿

I made a set of 6 Mini Hoop brooches with embroideries inspired by Tarot decks artworks. I love the way astral bodies are depicted in these cards, as well as in vintage artworks, with human features and mild smiles. I wanted to make my own version of this through embroidery and took this chance to practice some face embroidery, which I don't normally do. It was super fun and interesting, hope you like the result:

 You can find the listing here!
Enjoy!☼ ☽ ☾ ☿ ♀

✧☆✧☆Existing is exhausting Sailor Moon embroidery☆✧☆✧

✧☆Hello there!☆✧☆✧

✧☆Can you believe I finally made it through this embroidery!? I'm so happy with it and need to share every pic of it from every possible angle. (Embroidery available here!)

It started all with a meme frame of Sailor Moon:

✧☆I traced the design on thin fabric (but I advice using thicker cotton) and went on the outlines first with backstitch, then filled up Usagi's clothing and hair:

✧☆Then moved on the huge lilac blanket. Basically the whole piece is a combination of chain, satin, long-short stitches, the effects of the same stitch vary if you use a different number or threads. For example on the blanket I used two strands of DMC to get a fuller look.
✧☆ Then added all the details in the bookshelf, as well as the tiniest little heart I've ever embroidered:

It was a fun journey, I loved every part of making it!✧☆ 

☆✧☆✧ Enjoy!☆✧☆✧