Hello there and welcome to a new patch🦇🦇🦇

It's a new bat, what a surprise! Ahah apparently there's something in these cuties that won't make me stop creating them by embroidery. And I'm not even done yet, I have a couple of bats in my dreams and one of them is already in the making eheh... for now enjoy this grey beauty:

You can't really see in the pictures but the bat sparkles under the sun thanks to metallic silver thread all across the wings, ears and eyes. There's also the littlest star sequin on top, just to add a little something to the magic department🌟

Hello and welcome to this new patch

Another 'The End' patch? You bet yo' ass it is! And expect more in the future too ;)
In this specimen pinks and reds get together to have a good time, pink beads are invited to the party and... enjoy the result!♡
I love the kitschy retro vibe coming out of this patch, it would look awesome on a vintage jacket, maybe with fringe, maybe with boots... but I digress!♡

Hello there and welcome to a new patch!

Made something that is not a heart! Impressive, right? Don't worry, if you're here for the hearts I have plenty <3

Back to this cutie, I made this trippy design last year and decided to turn it into a patch because of the witchy vibes and why not? Autumn seems the right time of the year to release it.

So here it is, a fully chainsitched leaf with golden star sequins and an all seeing eye right above it.
Hello and welcome to a new patch!

A brand new version of one of my favourite designs: The End!
Made a bunch of these over the years but I'm definitely still not done :)
In this one I wanted to create a night sky, full of sparkling stars and celestial beauties. I achieved this effect by layering my beloved glitter vynil over the black felt background. Then added the floating lettering in a big full satin stitch. Have a look:

This patch is available on my shop
✩Hello there and welcome to a new video!✩

As previously seen on this blog, here's a fun way to recycle a Pringles tube into a mini embroidery hoop! What you'll need:

✩ a Pringles tube (or any similar type of chips/crisps container)
✩ a pair of tiny and pointed scissors
✩ a marker

Wipe your chips tube, ça va sans dire. Trace a line at about 1,5 cm from the top edge and cut it out. You'll probably need to fix the shagged raw edge you'll get by cutting it evenly. This will be the bottom part of the hoop.
Now trace some dots around the edge of the plastic lid, at about 1 cm from it and cut the circle out, your mini hoop is now complete, yay!


Hello there and welcome to a new patch!

I wanted to make a cute little bat for a very long time and, after sketching a couple on my sketchbook, I finally decided to stitch one and make it extra magical. Check it out on my shop!

Enjoy a spooky summer!🦇✨

Hello and I'm back!

Today I'll show you these cute Dainty Rose Patch set, that I embroidered between custom orders. You can already find them on my shop.


Hello there and welcome to a new patch!
 I went through my sketchbook and pulled out this little design, always wanted to make a unicorn but never tried. I was afraid of my style being too cartoonish for the delicate features... went on and did it anyway! 
Of course I added a ribbon and a saying! This time Amebix came to help me.
For her hair I wanted to give the curls a retro-groovy appeareance, kind of an 80s Barbie artwork, something like this:

 I used some pearlescent thread through the forehead, the cheekbones and the hair, unfortunately it doesn't traslate well on pictures...

Hello there!

This time I'm back with a very cute yet controversial patch:
 ..That is CLEARLY an Anti-Nazi bunny right?
 How can somebody mistake a lovely rabbit holding a banner that says ''NAZI SCUM'' for a nazibunny itself? Well, internet I guess... Anyway! Luckily most of the people got the message right and that's all there is to it. I think it's a pretty well done patch and... it JINGLES! Yes, you heard me. I sewed a teeny-tiny metal bell on the rabbit's collar and it makes a lovely fairy sound when moved <3


Hello there and welcome to a new embroidery of mine (that I forgot to post before)!

I guess it's necessary to be unapologetic sometimes, and let the world know that you don't owe anybody anything. With this spirit I realized this backpatch. Trying to convey rudeness through cuteness, as always. This this I really went down with the satin stitch technique and turned a drawing into a cute full blooming bouquet, with a retro feeling in both the design and the lettering (which is made with a vintage DMC thread I found in a thrift shop of my hometown)

Sometimes I think that a work like that could be easily (and quickly) done by a machine, I'd like to try it one day but, to be honest, I would find so many errors that would drive me insane... My work is very far perfection but it's as precise as I can be, a machine work wouldn't represent myself like one embroidery I've held in my hands and stared for several hours.


Look at how awesome the patch looks MODELED! Big time Pro!
I I love my friend<3